Advanced Materials for Solution Processable Electronics

Smalltech Solutions Ltd provides state of the art materials for solution processable electronics applications. Plastic electronics is an emerging field of research that holds the promise of lightweight, flexible electronics for consumer applications in display, lighting and smart fabrics as well as biosensing, energy harvesting and energy storage. Working at the interface of nanotechnology, materals science, chemistry, physics and electronics our dedicated team of scientists and engineers are continually innovating and delivering solutions for our customers around the world.

Organic and Metal Oxide Semiconductors


The key technologies at the heart of plastic electronics are organic semiconductors such as electroluminescent conjugated polymers and small molecules, metal oxide semiconductors such as indium tin oxide (ITO) and zinc oxide (ZNO) and novel materials such as graphene, block copolymers and nanoparticles. A key advantage of these materials over traditional silicon based electronics is that they can be processed from solution. This allows for high throughput and low cost manufacturing methods such as printing and spray deposition to be used. At Smalltech Solutions we provide a range of these materials at competitive prices. See our products section for more information.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

Our OLED researchers specialise in development of novel materials and device analysis for display and lighting technology.


Organic Semiconductor based TFTs are particularly promising for printable biosensors for low cost, highly specific, point of care diagnostics.

Logic & Thin Film Transistors

Thin film Transistors (TFTs) based on organic semiconductors or metal oxide semiconductors can be solution processed to allow for applications in backplane displays, biosensors and smart fabrics.

Organic Solar Cells

Organic photovoltaics require solution processable active layers as well as charge extraction layers and electrodes to be commercially viable.

Applied Physics

All our materials are engineered to ensure processability, performance and lifetime requirements are at the leading edge.

Materials engineering & testing

Our services include analysis of organic and inorganic semiconducting materials using a wide variety of characterisation tools and device analysis in OLED, Solar and TFT architectures.

About us

Smalltech Solutions Ltd, a leading nanotechnology company headquartered in the UK, specialises in advanced materials research and development for plastic electronics and hi-tech applications across various industries. Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers have expertise in materials development, device fabrication, advanced characterisation methods and device physics analysis.

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